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Nickelodeon Magazine (1997)
Now here is one you may know the dialog to word-for-word.
Memorex-Is it real? (1992)
A 1992 ad for Memorex VHS tapes.
Fiesta Texas (1992)
from 1992 (the year it opened)
Zales-Many Different Women (1980)
"No one knows more than the diamond store".
Let The Yellow Pages Do Your Talking (1980)
This ad combines live action and animation.
Ultra Brite Toothpaste: Cindy And Alex (1980)
This ad is clipped at the end.
Tampax Plus (1980)
This ad is followed by a brief SCTV promo.
Ruud Air Conditioning (1980)
"Ruud IS air conditioning".
Rely Tampons (1980)
"Remember...They named it Rely".
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