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Action 52-Cheetahmen (1991)
I think they blew all their budget for the game on this commercial...
Pokemon Pikachu 2 (2000)
The date is an estimate for this commercial. US version.
Pokemon Dash (2004)
2004 US ad.
Advance Wars Dual Strike (2005)
2005 US ad.
Super Princess Peach (2005)
2005 US ad.
Nintendogs (2005)
Ad #2
Nintendogs (2005)
Ad #1
Tetris DS (2006)
2006 US ad.
New Super Mario Bros (2006)
2006 US ad.
Quote O' Matic
  • after riding the roller coaster): Cory: Piece of cake!
    Eric: What?
    Cory: I just threw up a piece of cake!
    -after riding the roller coaster)
  • Boy Meets World