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TCPTV Sign off (1987)
The Sign-Off for Twin Cities Public Television - KTCA-TV 17 St. Paul / Minneapolis.
PBS Kids promo from WTVS-TV 56 Detroit (1993)
I think I remember this when they ran "Cro" on PBS Kids.
PBS Kids - Dancing Kids (WGTE-TV 30 Atlanta GPB) (1992)
From 1992-1999. This is from Georgia Public Television.
PBS Kids - Hot Air Balloon (KTCA-TV 17 TCPTV) (1993)
Another PBS Kids bumper for Twin Cities Public Television.
PBS Kids - Blimp (KTCA-TV 17 Twin Cities) (1992)
This was seen on PBS Kids in the early 90's.
Disney Channel ident (Jigsaw Puzzle, voiced) (1986)
Mickey puts together a jigsaw puzzle of the logo. Special thanks to aerojt on YouTube for uploading the video containing this bumper.
Walt Disney Pictures Logo (Short Version) (1985)
Here is the short version of the 1985 Walt Disney Pictures Logo as it appears in a 1980s reissue of the 1939 Goofy short Goofy and Wilbur.
PBS Kids - Blimp (KERA-TV 13 Dallas Texas) (1992)
Another great 90's kids memory.
PBS Kids - Hot Air Balloon (WCBB-TV 10 MEPTV) (1992)
One of the PBS Kids bumpers for Maine Public Television (MEPTV).
KTVT ID in You're Watching (1992) (1992)
Taken from 1992-1995.
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