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I WANT MY MTV promo (1980)
This is from an era when they actually showed videos on MTV!
A "Knight Rider" Promo (1980)
David Hasselhoff tells us a (very) little about what to expect from the 1985 season of the show. I wonder if the phone number still works.
Channel 7's "Let's All Be There" Ad (1980)
Australia's Channel 7 aired NBC programming in the 80s, and thus, they got their own variant on the "Let's All Be There" campaign.
An NBC "Let's All Be There" Ad (1980)
It's cut off at the beginning. The ad looks to court the military audience and NBC talents Nicholas Colasanto ("Cheers"), Justine Bateman ("Family Tie
Now! On 9-"Maude" (1980)
This promo highlights the debut of "Maude" reruns on WOR.
The Original "Saturday Night" On 11 Alive (1980)
This slide promotes WPIX's reruns of the Not Ready For Prime Time Players-era "Saturday Night Live".
NBC-Just Watch Us Now! (1980)
This campaign must've come before the "Be There" campaign.
Quote O' Matic
  • Doug McKenzie: "The power of the force has stopped you, you hosers."
  • Strange Brew