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ABC Sitcom Promo (1992)
from 1992 (with Jay Mohr)
Stick Witness News- Write to Me Song (1996)
Write to Me, Stick Stickly P.O. box 963 New York City, New York state 10108
FHFIF "Season One Preview" (2004)
A promo that aired after House of Bloo's, the Pilot episode of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. A sign of things to come.
Magic Adventures of Mumfie: Nick Jr. UK Promo (1999)
Here's the promo Nick Jr UK used for Magic Adventures of Mumfie, one of their highest-rated shows.
Bananas in Pyjamas: Nick Jr. UK Promo (1999)
This promo was one in a series of promos where children would sing songs from shows aired on the UK Nick Jr. channel.
Disney Hand The Weekenders (2005)
Disney Hand Learning Together of The Weekenders
Disney September/October VHS Promo (1997)
This promo features brief trailers for "Sleeping Beauty", "Old Yeller", and "The Jungle Book".
The Pagemaster on Cartoon Theatre Promo (2004)
This is a Cartoon Network's Cartoon Theatre promo for "The Pagemaster".
Balto on Cartoon Network's Cartoon Theatre Promo (1999)
This is the Cartoon Network's Cartoon Theatre promo for "Balto". The promo features a reorchestrated version of the music from "The Pagemaster".
Saturday Night Live 20th Season premiere promo (1994)
NBC promoting SNL's 20th season premiere which was a low-rated one.
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