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ABC Promo-"The Wonder Years" And "Growing Pains" (1991)
The former was midway through its' run, the latter nearing the end.
ABC Promo-"Thirtysomething" (1991)
This ad promotes a 1991 episode of the show.
ABC-2 More Promos From 1991 (1991)
This video has promos for "Good Morning, America", "Father Dowling Mysteries" and "My Life And Times.
ABC-"Anything But Love"/"Full House"/"Dinosaurs" (1991)
This trio of promos also contains a bumper for "The Best Of Disney: 50 Years Of Magic".
ABC Promo-"20/20" (1991)
This ad promotes an episode about raising children.
The Busy World of Richard Scarry promo from RHHV. (1994)
From Random House Home Video. A promo for the show on VHS.
MEPTV (WCBB-TV 10) promo for Sesame Street (1992)
A promo for Sesame Street on PBS Kids on Maine Public Television (Lewiston/Portland).
CN SVES Samurai Jack The Birth of Evil (2003)
Here is a Cartoon Network Saturday Video Entertainment System promo for the 2003 Samurai Jack two-part special, The Birth of Evil.
WPTV-Viewer Comments And "Donahue" (1980)
I couldn't separate these ads, so here they are back to back.
"The Mary Tyler Moore Show" On WPTV (1980)
This ad promotes reruns of the CBS show on this NBC affiliate.
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