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Johnson & Johnson PSA (1992)
from 1992
From Me to You PSA (1982)
from 1982
"Rush" PSA - Partnership for a Drug-Free America (1988)
You know it's tough of saying about Crack & Cocaine, thousand fifty people who try it, are in for a real rush?
"Coroner" PSA - Drug-Free America (1989)
Examing the Body of a man who overdosed Cocaine?
"Dance Floor" PSA - Drug-Free America (1995)
a guy being discuss about the girl smoking pot?
"Grave Words" PSA - Drug-Free America (1989)
a father talks to his son on his grave about drugs?
"Bathroom Meeting" PSA - Drug-Free America (1988)
Welcome to the Glamourus World of Drugs?
"Who Wants" PSA - Drug-Free America (1994)
1994 PSA from the "Partnership for a Drug-Free America"
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