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Anti Rape PSA (1992)
from 1992
Fame Anti-Drug PSA (1984)
This one is in all it's entirety. Unlike the one shown on "I Love the 80's."
Smokey the Bear PSA (1985)
from 1985
Be Cool About Fire Safety (1996)
Starring Gilbert Gottfried as Seymour the Smoke Detector.
Deal-A-Meal (1987)
A commercial ad with Richard Simmons. It was a great thing to lose weight. I remember seeing it once on TBS.
Make-A-Wish Foundation: Genie (2004)
Dan Castellenata voices Genie in this 2004 PSA from the "Aladdin" DVD.
FCC - Make Sure Your TV is DTV (2008)
PSA ad from the FCC that Television should go digital as of 2009 by law.
Muppets Earth Day PSA (1991)
from 1991
Dick Van Dyke NFPA PSA - Rolling (1979)
Remember the drill if your clothes ever catch on fire? Stop, drop, and roll. Originally posted to YouTube by Chuck's New Classic TV Clubhouse.
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