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Forever Freestyle (2007)
Taken from 2007 freestyle music.
Michael Carrington Bell Atlantic Guardian Service (1991)
Taken from 1991 with Ain't That a Shame song like Fats Domino and former Think Fast! host.
Sears' Complete Baby Sale (1986)
This ad comes from the "More For Your Life" campaign.
Another Renuzit Roomate Ad (1986)
This ad came from early in the product's life.
Official News From Nuprin (1986)
It's an ad, not a news bulletin.
The Light & Thirsty Mop (1986)
That's a rather unusual name for a mop.
Excedrin-Shopping Chaos (1986)
This type of thing I have experienced...
Excedrin-Bad Flight (1986)
I haven't had an experience like this yet.
Linda Evans For Clairol Ultress (1986)
I love the styles, both hair and clothing, in this ad.
Clairol Loving Care Color Mousse (1986)
For women going prematurely gray...
Quote O' Matic
  • Doolittle: Hell's Bells, Loretta. You think this is somethin' the rest of the world ain't caught onto yet? They don't give a damn.

  • Coal Miner's Daughter