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Combos (1984)
from 1984
Bubblicious (1982)
from 1982
Caffeine Free Diet Coke (1985)
from 1985 (with Martin Mull)
Hershey's Bar (1987)
from 1987
Butterfinger (1988)
from 1988
Bubble Yum Wacky Fruit (1984)
from 1984
Pokemon Pasta (2000)
Who's that bite-sized Pokemon?
Kool-Aid/Kay-Bee Toys - Wacky Warehouse Mall (1992)
We all love Kool-Aid and we sure do miss Kay-Bee Toys. I used to remember seeing this on NBC Saturday Mornings while watching Disney's Raw Toonage.
Cheese Nips (2002)
from 2002
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  • "You know, ever since you went back to school, you've hardly cooked anything."
    "Yeah, I'm sorry. It's been really hectic."
    "Hey, I wasn't complaining."
    -Randy and Jill
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