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Sega Game Gear (1993)
1993 ad.
The Coleco Gemini (1982)
This ad promotes a short-lived video game system compatible with multiple companies.
SEGA Genesis - Blast Processing (Quebec CA) (1993)
It's only Canadian-French dub version from American advert of SEGA Genesis console can beat the ugly lookin' Nintendo SNES out of you.
Bible Adventures for NES (1990)
Rare 1990 ad courtesy of & Pat the NES Punk.
Action Max VHS Video Game Console (1987)
Launch ad for a pretty bad system.
Bally Astrocade (1982)
A late ad for the Bally Midway Arcade/Home Library Computer from 1982.
Sega Genesis - Christmas (1993)
Includes, Disney's Aladdin, ToeJam & Earl: Panic In Funkotown, Ren & Stimpy's Invention, and Sonic Spinball.
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