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Nickelodeon bumper break - Double Dare (1990)
It was found from 4 hour VHS tape recording on YouTube video.
A&E Ident (Genres) (1990)
Genres such as Comedy, Drama, Documentary, and Performing Artists. A&E is owned by NBCUniversal.
Family Communications Inc. (1973)
From the ending of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.
Paramount Television Blue Mountains (New fanfare) (1987)
Hey, This fanfare sounds a lot like the Star Wars theme.
TCPTV sign off (1990)
From January 1, 1990. The sign off for KTCA-TV 17 Saint Paul/Minneapolis. Twin Cities Public Television is owned an operated by PBS.
TCPTV Sign off (1987)
The Sign-Off for Twin Cities Public Television - KTCA-TV 17 St. Paul / Minneapolis.
PBS Kids promo from WTVS-TV 56 Detroit (1993)
I think I remember this when they ran "Cro" on PBS Kids.
PBS Kids - Dancing Kids (WGTE-TV 30 Atlanta GPB) (1992)
From 1992-1999. This is from Georgia Public Television.
PBS Kids - Hot Air Balloon (KTCA-TV 17 TCPTV) (1993)
Another PBS Kids bumper for Twin Cities Public Television.
PBS Kids - Blimp (KTCA-TV 17 Twin Cities) (1992)
This was seen on PBS Kids in the early 90's.
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