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The MASK Time Racer Sweepstakes (1987)
This ad promotes a contest with the grand prize of a trip to the Indy 500.
Zack The Lego Maniac (1987)
Apparently, some kids named Zack were made fun of because of this ad in the late 80s.
Furever Friends (1987)
This was a line of wearable plush toys from Kenner.
Mattel - Nickelodeon Smud (1995)
It's more like Play-Doh. lol
Mattel - Nickelodeon Floam (Japan) (1995)
It's very Japanese dub version song from original American TV advert.
Mattel - Nickelodeon GAK (Japan) (1995)
Another advert of Japan. BGM music sounds the same like USA/UK TV advert because of American with Japanese language dub. Includes GAK Copier.
Mattel - Nickelodeon GAK (Japan) (1993)
They sold in Japan. Only Japanese language. It use the drawing art, copy it, and stretched up.
Mattel - Nickelodeon GAK (UK) (1993)
The video is small due to the bad quality. The BGM music sounds the same like original USA from the TV advert. It's UK redub version.
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