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El Show de Paul Rodriguez on Univision in C.M.D. (1990)
Comedia, Musica y Diversion that aired 1990-1992.
Agua Viva Telenovela on Univision in Mujeriego (1989)
Taken from Brazilian Telenovela.
Lo Mejor de la Semana on Univision in Momentos (1989)
With Puerto Rican Juan Vene like Spanish version of This Week in Baseball with Mel Allen.
Mala Noche No! on Univision with guest Caifanes (1989)
Caifanes the Mexican Rock Group.
Univision y los NiƱos Promo in Para Usted y Ellos (1989)
Taken 4-hour block cartoons weekmornings and saturdays too in Spanish with Jayce, Rainbow Brite, Hello Kitty and Teddy Ruxpin.
KWGN Promo in So Good to Turn 2 (1985)
Song from KWGN Turn 2.
YTV Retro - Early Access and More! (2015)
YTV Retro - Early Access and More!
YTV Brady's Beasts (2013)
Watch Brady's Beasts on bbc kids, it still airs on tv.
Prank Patrol (2015)
You can now watch prank patrol weekdays and weekends on bbc kids, you can watch prank patrol bbc kids on demand.
Quote O' Matic
  • Brain and Pinky: B: I've been smoking all evening are you happy now? Pinky: No Im not! Lookit what your doin to your chubby little pink lungs -weeps- B: Ok I'll quit smoking. P: when? B: Soon! P: Would you like a stick of gum? B: Stop nagging me Pinky!
    -Brain and Pinky
  • Pinky and the Brain