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Bananas in Pyjamas: Nick Jr. UK Promo (1999)
This promo was one in a series of promos where children would sing songs from shows aired on the UK Nick Jr. channel.
Disney Hand The Weekenders (2005)
Disney Hand Learning Together of The Weekenders
Disney September/October VHS Promo (1997)
This promo features brief trailers for "Sleeping Beauty", "Old Yeller", and "The Jungle Book".
The Pagemaster on Cartoon Theatre Promo (2004)
This is a Cartoon Network's Cartoon Theatre promo for "The Pagemaster".
Balto on Cartoon Network's Cartoon Theatre Promo (1999)
This is the Cartoon Network's Cartoon Theatre promo for "Balto". The promo features music from "The Pagemaster".
Saturday Night Live 20th Season premiere promo (1994)
NBC promoting SNL's 20th season premiere which was a low-rated one.
Samurai Jack The Legend Begins 2 (2001)
Another short promo for the premiere movie, only this time, you can hear Samurai Jack screaming "AAAKUUUUU!!!", followed by Aku laughing.
Samurai Jack -- The Legend Begins (2001)
Here is a 15-second promo from back in 2001 for the premiere movie that launches Samurai Jack (2001-2004) on Cartoon Network.
Fox Video Family VHS Promo (1993)
This is a Fox Video promo showing short trailers for three family films taken from the original 1993 VHS of "Once Upon a Forest".
Hey Arnold! Nickel-O-Zone Promo fall 1998 (1998)
Nickel O Zone promotion for new episodes
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  • Feeny/Cory: Feeny: When I was a boy, the president came on the radio to address the nation late at night and I asked my father if I could stay up.
    Cory: Did he let you stay up?
    Feeny: No he did not.
    Cory: Because he knew the value of a good education?
    Feeny: No..
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