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WLTV Noticias 23 Promo in Credibilidad (1987)
Taken from 1987 Miami News.
El Juez on Univision in Cinco Casos Titulados (1989)
Spanish version of syndicated family court The Judge by Robert J. Franklin who played the late Bob Shield.
Cuna de Lobos Tele on Univision in Desgarrador (1989)
Taken from 1987 Mexican Telenovela.
Rosa Salvaje Telenovela on Univision in Mas Bella (1989)
Taken from 1987 Mexican Telenovela theme song that composed by José Antonio "Potro" Farias and perfomed by Verónica Castro.
Enamorada Telenovela on Univision in Una Aventura (1989)
Taken from 1986 Venezuelan Telenovela.
America on Univision in G.D.U. (1989)
Guardianes, Defensores y Urbano.
Cita con el Amor on Univision in Inolvidable (1990)
Spanish version of The Dating Game.
Cita con el Amor on Univision with guest Garibaldi (1990)
Garibaldi the Mexican Group. Also Cita con el Amor is a Spanish Version of The Dating Game.
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  • Spike: (girly voice) "How can I thank you, you mysterious black-clad-hunk-of-a-knight-thing?"
    (manly voice) "No need little lady. Your tears of gratitude are enough for me. You see, I was once a bad-ass vampire. But love, and a pesky curse, defanged me.
  • Angel