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Be A Foster Parent (1987)
This PSA is called A Poem By Sheena D..
A 1987 American Heart Association PSA (1987)
This PSA mentions heart disease.
KVVU Fox 5 Make a Difference in Transportation (1998)
Network Music's Labyrinth and Just You & Me
Stop The Madness-Burt Reynolds And Jacob Parker (1990)
The "Evening Shade" stars say to moderate the drinking at Christmas.
KVVU Bud & Kelly Bundy from Married in Drugs (1992)
Taken from Married with Children P.S.A. in 1992 with David Faustino and Christina Applegate.
Live Music in If We Leave (1989)
Taken from 1989.
KVVU Fletcher Jones Bike Safety (1989)
Network Music's I've Mellowed Out
TV Boss - Zombies (2009)
A father tells the zombie that he is blocked due to giving nightmares on kids.
Quote O' Matic
  • Captain Yardley: Damn fine work Prendergast.
    Prendergast: F*** you Captain Yardley. F*** you very much.
  • Falling Down