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Jensen Speakers At World Of Sound (1980)
Is Jensen still around?
Irish Spring-Riding Horses (1980)
It "gets you fresh and clean as a whistle".
Gordon's Jewelers (1980)
Sela Ward appears in this ad, which is followed by a WPTV promo for "Donahue".
Excedrin-Numbers (1980)
Totaling up, a lot of people use Excedrin.
Dyanmo Detergent (1980)
A housewife named Joan Kraft explains why she prefers this to powder detergent.
The Dreher Park Zoo (1980)
A quick ad for the Florida zoo...
Bic Razors: The Blindfold Test (1980)
This ad pits the razor against Trac II.
A.R.M-Allergy Relief Medicine (1980)
"Arm yourself with A.R.M".
Alka-Seltzer: Reasons (1980)
Several different explanations for why people use this product.
Walt Disney World (1987)
from 1987
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