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Walt Disney Pictures Blue Text (1993)
You probably saw this text-only logo in live action Disney movies and trailers in the 1990s as well as on the Mighty Joe Young remake.
Nickelodeon ID - Howling (1992)
It was taken from the U.K. version of Nick in 1993 will be sign-off. American version has no sign-off will be only a bumper.
Nickelodeon ID - Roller Skates (1986)
It was taken from the U.K. TV channel of Nickelodeon in 1995 with original American 80's bumper.
Nickelodeon - Sign On (1990)
It was from promo feed videotape demo reel. It starts at 6:00am to signing on Nickelodeon TV network
Nickelodeon SNICK bumper - Tilted camera (1992)
It's from the end of Roundhouse before commercial break.
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