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Helena Rubinstein Foundation Bumper- PTV (1990)
A long-time supporter of outstanding children's television.
Toon Disney Summer Break: Kim Possible (2005)
Toon Disney Summer Commercial Break: Kim Possible.
Nickelodeon Bumper- Guatemala (1990)
Yet another awesome jingle from Nickelodeon.
Toon Disney Break: Kim Possible (2005)
Toon Disney Break for Kim Possible.
Toon Disney Kim Possible (2005)
Toon Disney Coming up Next Bumper: Kim Possible.
The Disney Channel Christmas Gag (Disney Parade) (1983)
Donald gets a Disney characters parade in a Christmas present.
The Disney Channel Christmas Bumper (Dragon) (1983)
Donald gets a dragon in his Christmas present. Taken from "Donald Duck Presents"; PAL speed.
Quote O' Matic
  • Man: You with the Pikachu on your head. Please pay attention!
  • Ash: The least he can do is learn my name...
  • Pokemon