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Ocean Cadillac At Miami Beach (1987)
Spokesman Jack Bradford talks about deals on 1988 models.
Lease A Taurus (1987)
This ad came from Florida.
Saturn-6 Million Miles (1991)
The car was tested for 6 million miles, that is.
The Volkswagen Jetta (1980)
"Volkswagen does it...Again".
Tire Kingdom-The Good Old Days (1980)
This ad has old silent film footage.
Phillips Petroleum (1980)
"Good things for cars...And the people who drive them".
The Honda Express (1980)
Looks can be deceiving...
Uniflo Motor Oil From Exxon (1980)
This ad is slightly clipped at the end.
Datsun-It's A Long Way To Empty (1980)
"We are driven...A long way".
Florida And South Georgia Chevy Dealers (1980)
This ad takes place at the Daytona Speedway.
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