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Wednesday On ABC In 1982 (1982)
"The Greatest American Hero", "The Fall Guy" and "Dynasty" are promoted.
A WABC News Promo From 1982 (1982)
This news promo with Ernie Anastos is followed by a quick Emery Worldwide ad.
Tuesday On ABC In 1982 (1982)
"Three's Company", "Too Close For Comfort" and "Hart To Hart" are promoted.
NBC Saturdat Morning Fever Promo (King Kong) (1978)
Here is an NBC Saturday Morning Fever with King Kong dancing on the Twin Towers.
ABC Promo-"World News Tonight" (1982)
This 1982 promo is followed by an ABC I.D.
ABC Promo-"King's Crossing" (1982)
This promo for a short-lived drama is preceded by a bumper for "Olivia Newton-John: Let's Get Physical".
HBO - Behind the Scenes - UHF (1989)
HBO takes you behind the scenes of Weird Al Yankovic's first (and only) movie: UHF.
Y la Luna También Novela on Telemundo in Amoroso (1987)
Taken from Venezuelan Telenovela.
WNJU-TV Informador 47 Promo in La Mejor y la Más (1987)
Taken from 1987 NYC spanish news with Eusebio Valls and Jorge L. Ramos.
WNJU-TV 3 Telenovelas Sept. and Claudia Morán Oct. (1987)
With Alejandra, Preciosa and Y la Luna También September & Claudia Morán October.
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