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Magic Adventures of Mumfie: Fox Family Promo B (1998)
The second promo Fox Family used to promote Mumfie.
Magic Adventures of Mumfie Fox Family Promo A (1998)
A promo for the animated series Magic Adventures of Mumfie. This broadcast of the show was one of the first shows I ever watched!
Sabina The Animated Series on Toon Disney (2002)
Sabina The Animated Series Premire promo on Toon Disney.
CN Samurai Jack Emmy Award Congratulations (2004)
This promo from Cartoon Network and Toonami congratulates Samurai Jack's 2004 Emmy Award win for the 2003 two-parter, The Birth of Evil.
Samurai Jack - Short Toonami Marathon Promo (2003)
Here is a shorter 30-second promo for a Toonami marathon for Samurai Jack back in the early 2000s.
Samurai Jack Marathon - Long Toonami Promo (2003)
Here is a 60-second promo for a Toonami Samurai Jack marathon back in the early 2000s.
CN-What A Cartoon Promos (1984)
Here Is A Promo And A Next Bumper
TBS - Tom and Jerry's Funhouse promo (1986)
We all love the cartoons, and The Three Stooges comedy films. Before we had The ACME HOUR on TBS sister channel (Cartoon Network).
TBS Hollywood Legends Bumper and Image Promo (1990)
Back in the day when TBS (WTBS-TV 17 Atlanta Superstation) was worth watching.
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  • (Girls come up to Rocky while training and ask for an autograph.)
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