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WPTV's The People Speak-The Clean Air Ordinance (1980)
A smoker named Bonnie Sue Brown speaks in favor of this motion.
A 1980 United Way PSA (1980)
It's "your way to help".
Planned Parenthood: About Margaret Sanger (1980)
This PSA comes from Florida.
Marcia Wallace For The Crippled Children's Society (1980)
This PSA is clipped at the end.
A Better Business Bureau PSA (1980)
Look out for the Quick Rich Distributor.
"Thinking of Getting High" PSA - Drug-Free America (1990)
You better know what you're jumping into?
"Beauty and The Beast" PSA - Drug-Free America (1987)
From the "Partnership for a Drug-Free America"
NBC "The More You Know" PSA - with Robert Stack (1990)
Robert Stack from "Unsolved Mysteries" talks about the dangers of Drinking & Driving
"My Boy" PSA - Partnership for a Drug-Free America (1989)
Do you Know your Child to stay away from Drugs?
PSA - The Constitution (1986)
from 1986 (with Porky and Petunia Pig)
Quote O' Matic
  • Max: You smell like hippopotamus butt.
  • Kazaam: *smells pit* Damn.
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