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Sony - Road (UK) (1995)
Listerine - Knight (1992)
Created from Pixar Animation Studios
Columbia Records: Alice In Chains Dirt album (UK) (1993)
AIC grunge rock band from Dirt album which may include "Them Bones", "Would?", "Down In A Hole", and "Rooster".
Ultra Ban Solid (1982)
Racing Yuppies serve as a metaphor for how this deodorant can protect you during an active day.
Sure Natural Maxi Shields (1982)
It's "the thick pad protection that isn't thick".
Pam Dawber For Noxzema (1982)
The former "Mork And Mindy" star promotes this skin product.
New Freedom Maxi Pads (1982)
This tampon ad talks about adhesive strips.
Comtrex Does (1982)
This ad talks about the ways it cures as opposed to other medicines.
Clairol Nice 'N' Easy In 1982 (1982)
It sells and conditions the most.
Clairol Kindness (1982)
I like this type of hair. I wish people wouldn't look back so negatively on it.
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