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Quaker Oats Cinnamon Life Cereal Commercial (1992)
This was ripped from a VHS copy of "Home Alone 2"
Corn Pops (1993)
from 1993
Golden Grahams (1989)
from 1989
Golden Grahams (1989)
from 1989
A 1982 Cheerios Ad (1982)
"We make Cheerios low in sugar. Kids made Cheerios number one".
Kellogg's Corn Flakes-A Super Bowl (1984)
The NFL would probably not allow Kellogg's to do an ad like this in 2015.
Crispix Is Crispy Times Two (1984)
I enjoyed this cereal when I was younger. I wish it had sugar, though.
Hidden Treasures Cereal (1994)
Taken from 1994.
Kellogg's Frosties - Frisbee (UK) (1997)
It was known as "Frosted Flakes" from U.S./Canada, and "Corn Frosties" from Japan/Asia, outside of U.K./Europe.
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