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Heinz Tomato Ketchup - Ants (1992)
It really sounds like "Ooo-eee-ooo" music from Wizard of Oz.
Baby Ruth (1998)
from 1998 (with the Big Bopper)
Butterball Turkey (1985)
1985 Thanksgiving ad.
The Pepsi Generation-School Dance (1982)
Pepsi helps two kids overcome their shyness.
Doublemint Gum In 1982 (1982)
I posted this ad with Ike Eisenmann several years ago. Here it is without watermarks.
Tug And Cari McGraw For 7-Up (1982)
The baseball legend and his daughter appear in this ad from the "Feeling 7-Up" campaign.
Campbell's Soup (1987)
from 1987
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