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Marks & Spencer Holiday Advert (2013)
A holiday promo from Marks & Spencer featuring model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and actress Helena Bonham Carter.
Nike - Good vs. Evil (1996)
I hate soccer but this commercial is awesome.
L'eggs Sheer Energy Pantyhose (1984)
This ad parodies a soap opera. How would this woman possibly walk to Zanzibar? Credit goes to it's poster on YouTube.
J.C Penney-When It Fits, You Feel It (2014)
Women's clothing is once more the focus in this ad.
J.C Penney-The Beauty Of The Perfect Fit (2014)
Women's clothing is promoted in this ad.
J.C Penney-The Unwritten Vow (2014)
That vow is making sure your man doesn't leave the house in pajamas.
Converse - Too Much Coffee Man (1994)
These series of converse commercials from the early 90s were great.
Luvs Deluxe (1988)
from 1988
Pampers Stretch (1995)
from 1995
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