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Sega does what Nintendon't (1991)
What is wrong with the Super Nintendo Entertainment System? Don't you want Super Mario World?
WCW Mayhem video game (2000)
WCW Mayhem
Game Boy Video (2004)
GBA on the go
Atari Lynx 2-Pack (1990)
A two-in-one commercial about the Atari Lynx sound and link features.
Atari Lynx (1990)
Atari Lynx vs. Gameboy ad from 1990.
Neo Geo Pocket Color (1999)
US launch ad.
Fire Emblem (2003)
2003 ad.
Mario Pinball Land (2004)
2004 ad.
Quote O' Matic
  • Alan/Cory: Alan: NO, cory, Mr. Feeny was right.
    Cory: But... Mr. Feeny said you were right
    Alan: He did? ... I will always be able to tell you about the game in the morning.
  • Boy Meets World