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WGN-TV Jaws 2 Movie bumper (1988)
Taken from 1978 Movie.
KTVU ID in There's Only One 2 (1975)
Taken from 1975-81 logo with the same logo to present.
KTVU Movie of the Week bumper (1975)
Taken from 1975.
KTVU Weekend Premiere bumper (1975)
Taken from 1975.
KTVU 8 O'Clock Movie bumper 2 (1975)
Taken from 1975.
The Disney Channel - Sign Off (1983)
I put overdubbing in U.S. English version audio, accept Spanish high-quality VHS video from "El Disney Canal". Disney Channel closedown it ends.
The Disney Channel - Sign On (1983)
I put overdub in English audio. Disney Channel was launch in early 1983 will be only premium channel. Background music of Songs from the South film.
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  • Rob's father : Tell him dont bring that heat over here
  • 3 Strikes