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The Mercedes Benz S-Class (2014)
Another recent car is promoted in this ad.
The Lexus CT Hybrid (2014)
The car goes pretty fast in this ad.
Chevrolet-Speed Chaser (2014)
Three kids created a Chevrolet ad and this is what they came up with.
The Cadillac ELR (2014)
In this ad, a man talks about how Americans always look for new adventures.
The Cadillac CTS Sedan-Aim For The Moon (2014)
Commercial actors can breathe in space, apparently.
The Cadillac CTS Sedan (2014)
One of Cadillac's newest cars...
We're Exxon Ad 2 (1981)
Another tribute to Exxon employees...
We're Exxon Ad 1 (1981)
One of two ads paying tribute to Exxon employees...
Quaker State Motor Oil (1981)
I think that might be Hardy Rawls from "The Adventures Of Pete And Pete" in this ad.
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