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Wrinkles the Talking Dog (1986)
from 1986 (with Rich Little as Johnny Carson)
Nickelodeon Consumer Products (1995)
Including all Nickelodeon products by Mattel like GAK, Floam, Nicktoon toys, and more.
Tomy - Big Big Loader (1993)
Nice song by an architect puppet (not sure if that a muppet). The puppet was also used in other Tomy commercial (And he had a different voice).
Sky Commanders (1987)
More toys I don't know much about...
Silverhawks Toys (1987)
I don't know much about this line.
Bumper Cars From Parker Brothers (1987)
The game seems reminiscent of Sorry.
Another MASK Toys Ad (1987)
This is another ad for the car-based action figure line.
MASK Toys From Kenner (1987)
This ad promotes the Bulldog, Iguana and Bullet figures.
The MASK Time Racer Sweepstakes (1987)
This ad promotes a contest with the grand prize of a trip to the Indy 500.
Zack The Lego Maniac (1987)
Apparently, some kids named Zack were made fun of because of this ad in the late 80s.
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