King's Quest was one of the first 3D adventure games made by the video game company called Sierra. The creative storyline was written single handedly by Roberta Williams. Her fantasy writing pioneered the series. The series spans two decades and there are a total of 8 games. One could expect to find evil witches, a weeping willow that is actually crying, helpful animals, magical worlds, and everyday items that end up saving your life.


I wish I could do an article on the whole series but I'm most familiar with King's Quest V and it's a bit dearer to me than the others because it was the first one I played.
Simply put, King's Quest V was awesome. For those who are not familiar with the gameplay, you pretty much use items and point and click (walk, talk, look, or grab commands) to maneuver through the world. The 1st King's Quest had a neat text command box. For example, when a witch on a broomstick swooped down, you could type in "duck" and your hero would evade her attack.

King's Quest V stands out to me above the rest because I like the main hero- King Graham. He is pure of heart and has a noble yet sexy But seriously, he is pretty badass like if you try to waltz your way through what is essentially a biker bar minus the motorcycles, you get clubbed over the head, tied up in chains, and locked up in a shed.

Some noteworthy encounters are the possibility of a bear attack if you don't play your cards right, the forbidden swamp in which there is a chance of being turned into a frog, and that infernal rattlesnake that blocks the entrance to the mountains. My favorite part of the game is when you are traveling through the desert and you begin dying of thirst and if you know where to go, you can find a water source. The game announcer exclaims- "Life giving water, nectar of the gods!" My brother and I used to say it all the time. The reason I'm writing this article is because I was at a party, and I incidentally applied the saying to an alcoholic beverage. My bad, nobody knew what I was talking about.

A King's Quest game collection just came out, if you're a fan of the series or you enjoy games that require thinking, give it a shot. It's a unique and exciting experience. The storyline alone is worth getting into the series.