Before it was named Nick Rewind, we all used to call it Classic Nick and some still do. It started with the website Classic, but then the website was removed by Viacom (thats what I heard). The name Nick Rewind started out with Nick Rewind DVDs such as Clarissa explains it all and The Adventures of Pete and Pete.

After that, Nick Rewind items were being sold from webites like Hot Topic. Their items looked something like this:

Then came the block Nick Rewind which aired on Sundays from 1-2pm. Each week you'd vote for a classic nick show to air on the block. Then it mysteriously stopped airing.

After that Nick rewind came to iTunes with Nick Rewind Vol.1 with the following these episodes from these shows:
AAAHH!!! Real Monsters- The Switching Hour
CatDog- Dog Gone/All You Can't Eat
The Angry Beavers- Born To Be Beavers/Up All Night
Doug- Doug Bags A Neematoad
Hey Arnold!- Downtown As Fruits/Eugene's Bike
Rocket Power- New Squid On The Block/Down The Drain
Rocko's Modern Life- Carnival Knowledge/Sand In Your Naval

$1.99 per episode or $10.99 all together.

There has been lots of rumors that there's going to be a Nick rewind channel in Christmas '07 or August '08. We don't, we have heard any press release from Viacom about this. We'll just have to wait and find out.