In 2007, we saw Tobey Maguire, a charecter from That 70's show (two if you include Aston Kutcher), Orlando Bloom, and Johnny Depp be classified as Action Heroes. Has Hollywood really pussified men to that degree in 20 years? Guys, you know looking on the screen you said, "Yeah right, I'd kick their ass." Would you say the same for Rambo?

I'm asking you, do you think this resurgance of Retro action heroes is a good thing? Or should it be left in the 80's. I for one say bring them back. It would be apparent that the new stars of today don't know how to be a man. It appears that Hollywood has forgotten how to make a bad-ass R (I said R, not pussy ass PG-13) flick. I want blood and guts. (BTW, if you haven't seen the trailer, it's a must, I guarentee you'll love it.)

I can only hope producers of comic book movies take a cue from this. Who's going to be next? Robert Downy Jr? Oh he's on Iron Man. or The New Mutants with members from Fall-Out Boy.

Now this is PG-13, but It's Speilberg and Lucas. With a winning threesome, what can go wrong? (Knock on wood just in case.) It's taken almost 20 years to make, it better be good. The pre-production stage has been going along for so long that some of the rumors are "retro" in itself. I have my faith that Indiana will kick ass in this one. He may be older, but if you can make Ashton Kutcher into a action star in The Guardian, then I have no doubt about this movie. Plus, who doesn't want to relive the early 80's again?

All we're missing is a Mr. T revival. And a bigger revival of testosterone.