I was born in 1979,so I grew up in the 1980's so what I remember fondly from my childhood was the many neat toys I played with on weekends,and weeknights after doing my homework. I also remember some of the neat shows that were on TV during the 1980's and early 1990's and some of the clothes I wore as a kid, some I liked,some I didn't care for.

The Toys:

In the 1980's,I was really into cars.I had pictures of my favorite type of car on my bedroom walls.I played with my Matchbox cars (I had hundreds of them),that I'd play with.You could find me on a lazy Saturday afternoon playing with my cars, pretending that they were all driving to the mall, the park, the beach, you name it. I was also into action figures,starting with the He-Man, Masters of the Universe action figures.I had all the figures and even Castle Gray-Skull and some of the equipment He-Man and his friends fought their enemies with. I also had some Smurf dolls as me and my sisters were into them for awhile as kids.Usually we always wanted whatever toys and dolls were 'in'. Of course,we had Cabbage-Patch dolls and the Furskins (4 or 5 bears dressed like farmers with names like "Hattie" and "Dudley"),and we also had the Fraggle Rock characters. Also,when I was 10 or 11,by 1990,I started liking "The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles",and had all 4 turtle action figures and even their green-and-yellow 'Turtle van'.

TV Shows:

As young kids, me and my older sister (born in 1975,so she's a few years older than me),of course,would watch Saturday morning cartoons,getting up at the crack-of-dawn and plopping ourselves in front of our living-room TV to watch our favorite cartoon shows.When my younger sister came along in the mid-1980's,
she too would get up at 6AM with me to watch our favorite Saturday morning cartoons.Our favorite programs didn't only just come on TV on Saturday mornings.Two shows me and my sisters watched growing up that came on during the week were "Fraggle Rock" that came on I think either Monday or Thursday evenings at 8PM on HBO,was one of those shows.We all had our favorite characters.Mine was Red Fraggle (probably because my favorite color at the time was red),while my older sister's favorite was "Wimbley",
the yellow fraggle who wore that funny Hawaiian shirt all the time,and my younger sister liked "GoBo",the leader of the fraggles.Also,me and my older sister liked "The Dukes of Hazzard", that came on Friday nights at 8PM on CBS Channel 2. We loved seeing the Duke boys racing around in their "General Lee" car,always being chased by Boss Hogg and his bumbling police-force.Me and my older sister couldn't wait for Friday night to come around so we could stay up until 9PM,to watch "The Dukes of Hazzard".


I don't remember much about this topic.The clothes I seemed to wear as a young kid were the usual for the 1980's,shirts with my favorite cartoon characters on them,and eventually,by the late 1980's,I was into sports,so I started wearing shirts with team logos on them,including some celebrating the New York Giants football team winning Super Bowl XXI in 1987.Otherwise,I wore either sweat-shirts and sweat-pants sets, or wore jeans with my sweat-shirts,and as a little kid in the early 1980's,I wore both regular jeans and "Osh-Kosh B'Gosh" overalls and to bed,I wore regular pajamas with typical boyish themes on the shirt,or in the winter-time,when I was real little,in the early 1980's,I wore those footsie pajama-suits that zip-up and have feet built into the legs.The only one of those I wore as a little kid were the ones made by Sears with the Winnie-the-Pooh patches embroidered on the left-chest.I hated those as a little kid,and when I stopped wearing them by the time I was 5 years old,I was happy that I didn't have to wear those ugly,hot,
itchy pajamas (funny,now as an adult,I love them,even have a few adult-sized pairs I bought online and wore to bed just this past winter.Yes,they make them in adult-sizes).

Well,that's all my memories from this by-gone era.Of course,there were always some toys I always wanted,but never got,but when you're 7 years old,you don't understand how capitalism works and how your parents can't afford to get you all the toys in the world,so when Mom and Dad don't go out and buy you that expensive train-set,you get angry,and feel deprived,but overall,I was real happy with the toys I got to play with,and the shows me and my sisters watched,even though they may seem rather corny now,
and the clothes,well,some I liked,and some I could do without.