The Muppets, I Assume you have all heard of them ? Well if you havent......HAVE YOU BEEN LIVING UNDER A FRICKIN ROCK FOR OVER 30 YEARS !?!?! just kidding just kidding

Lets Start With A Classic Program I Thing You Can Guess The Name.......

This was a part of most peoples lives growing up, it taught us values,numbers,letters,songs etc.
Most People loved it, one of those people would be me. It was a HUGE part of my childhood, and i would guess also some of yours.

Now For Some OF The Classic Characters:

Big Bird:
Big Bird was the bird that everyone loved, he was always very curios

Oscar The Grouch:
Oscar he was the street ..well uh grouch ! despit hes tough exterior he was actually a very nice Muppet.

Ernie & Bert:
Ernie was the nice duck loving one, while Bert was the meaner uglier one who liked pigeons and lentle soup.

Cookie Monster: .
Cookie Monster was the monster who loved cookies, apperantly now a days hes fruits andd vegetables monster because they didnt want him having a bad influence on kids WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH THAT !?!?!?!

Grover was the Muppet that never really did much but some times he did say what leter it was that day .

Well Dont think i left kermit because hes my least favourite i actually put him last on purpose. He has always been my favourite Muppet. Hes the funniest,smartest,etc,
Actaully when i was litte i had tons of kermit toys and movies and almost anything imaginable

Well this is the end of my first article please stay tuned for part 2 The Muppet Show !!