In 1984 I moved from New York City to the island of Puerto Rico. A small island that is a comonwealth to the good ol U S of A. From 1984 till 1998 when I moved to florida the island offered many a things. Two of the most impotant things were cable tv ( I could not stand spanish tv) and video games.
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Now many people beleive P.R to be this desolate island where dinosaurs rule the land and poeple live in huts while everything is powered by a gas generator and the curecency is either goats or chikcens. Quite the opposite.article image.
But that is another story. Now being a kid there cartoons and video games are a important part of a young Ricans life. It molds him into what he is today. With this I present to you the top 10 video games and cartoons that till this day are etched into all our hearts.( well the ones I can think of right now.) Bear with me this is myfirst article.

10.Super Mario/Duckhunt( The game that started it all. Sadly this cartridge was used to wedge the cooler games in between the console to make it work properly.
9. TMNT The Arcade
8.Mike Tysons Punch Out
7.NBA JAM (There were large rumors that went around the island claiming you can play as Mortal KOmbat characters. Scientist in Puerto Rico have yet to prove it.
6.Metroid ( Both the NES and SNES versions)
5.Tetris for the Gameboy ( Countless hours spent playing the green tinted holiness with its mesmerizing songs.)
4.Sonic The Hedhog ( I never owned a sega but my neighboor owned one and I remember how bad ass this game was.)
3.Final Fantasy III (For the english speaking population this was simply amazing.......amazing I say)
2.Mortal Kombat II (Who could forget the friendships?)
1.Street Fighter II Turbo Edition (Countless quarters were tossed in this machine and countless victories were won by Ken or Ryu by my hand!)

Now off to the cartoon aspect and Ill be done. Thankfully my folks had cable TV since I said before I had spanish tv especially the cartoons which were recycled 70's toons dubbed in horrible spanish. Sweet sweet cable. All the best the states had to offer Saturday morning in one convenientbox. Here are my top 10 toons in no particual order of course.
10.Bill And Teds Ecellent Adventure ( who did not love movie? especially a 30 minute cartoon?!)
9.Back To The Future ( Same as number 10)
8.M.A.S.K (Guys wearing mask and cars that turn into stuff! Nuff Said. On to number 7!)
7.Centurions(was it me or did the guy in yellow look like Tom Selleck?)
6.Kid Video(Not many people know about this golden jem of 80's history. Great Music!)
5. Captain N
4.Spider Man and his Amazing friends
3.Hammer Man ( The MC Hammer cartoon. One word....GENIOUS!)
2. RAMBO(Call me crazy but i clearly remember a RAMBO cartoon)
1.A.L.F(You findout his name was Gordon)

So thats about it for now. This being my first article im still very rough around the edges. Hope you enjoyed it and I also hope all you seasoned pros could send me some tips and pointers. Until then Ill say "Hasta Luego!"