When I was about 8 or 9 years old, my sister, my dad and I would go to a Jujitsu session every..Wednesday, I think. Since my dad was an adult and my sister and I were just kids, our sessions were seperate. After me and my sister finished our session, my dad would go to an adult session. That was about an hour long, so while we waited, me and my sister went in the basement of the dojo where there were changing rooms and a TV for kids to watch while they waited for their parents. The first time we went downstairs, me and my sister spotted something wired to the TV that looked like this.

It's called SUPER NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM, or SNES for short. Next to the SNES there were three games: Star Fox, Batman and Zelda. I wasn't too crazy about Star fox and Batman, Zelda is what really got my attention.

When I finally got a chance to play the SNES, I tried all three games. Like I said, Zelda is the one I liked the most. I soon realized that eventually, Zelda 3 would be my favorite video game of all time. I turned the game on, and was introduced by a really cool little intro where three yellow triangles(which I later learned was called the Triforce) did a bunch of 3d rotations while slowly moving towards each-other, eventually forming the Triforce. The title of the game then appears in front of the triforce, a nice little background appears and a sword comes flying through the "Z" in Zelda, making an awesome intro.

I picked up the fancy little controller...

and started pushing a bunch of buttons, where I was brought to the file select screen. One of the people nearby saw me with the game and told me how to use it. I made a new file, and started playing. The graphics were incredible. The game-play was awesome(even though I had no idea how to play) and it was just a great game altogether. I spent every minute I could playing that game. I couldn't stop, it was just so fun. I must have died 50 times before I found the princess, but that was ok, because dying was fun, too, as silly as it sounds. For some reason, I cracked up every time I saw Link spin around and fall down.

Everybody looked at me like I was crazy, but there was just something about the way he just plopped down on the ground that made me laugh nonstop. Ever since then I wished I could own the game, but it was already around the new millennium, and the Nintendo 64 had taken the place of SNES on the shelves.

Not too long ago, I was on eBay looking for something, and on the list I came across "SNES VINTAGE VIDEO GAME SYSTEM NEW CONDITION!!!" I thought about it, and then I remembered that that was the very same one I thought it was. I had to have it, so I bought it and I also managed to find Zelda 3 there, so I bought it too. Unfortunately, the SNES was NOT "NEW CONDITION!!!1!", and it only worked for about two weeks, and now it just starts flipping out every time I turn it on; It looks a lot like a scrambled channel. This means I also lost all the progress I had saved on the cartridge along with the data that came with it when I bought it. Luckily, there's a port of the game on GBA, as well as a few other classics as well, including Super Mario World. It's not hard to guess why some of these games were ported and resold. The games are so incredible, if I hadn't known about the SNES, I probably would have never guessed that they go as far back as 1991!