Ahh the 90's, I rember it like it was yesterday. Let me take you back in time to what a kindergarden in the 90's .

I would wake up around 7:30 in my mickey mouse p.j. while carrying my loval stufed animal named wayne raymond who never left my side. I would run down stairs where a bowl of french toast cearel or as I called " toast in a bowl " would be waiting.

After that I would get dressed, brush my teeth , grab my little green backpack and hop in the car were I would be driven to school. I was always reluctent to go , but when I got there it was tons of fun!

Once I got there all the children would be playing in the yard , and I would run off to find my friend nicky. when I finaly found her there would be endless little kid chatter :

" hey nicky you know what?"

" what?"

"my cat scratched my hand!"

"ohhhh...does it hurt?"

"nah just a little....I got a power rangers band-aid."

"cool! show me!"

Than after that the bell would ring and we would all run inside for attandence and circle time.After that it was my favourite time, PLAY TIME! I always followed my certain plan, first book time where I would my favourite books ,

article image

than it would be time to color , who doesnt rember those thick crayola markers?

article image
Than I would spend the rest of the moring at the doll house centre with nicky

article image

than my mom would come and take me home , where I would eat lunch and dart upstairs to play a game with my favourite toys

article image

article image

these two toys were my favourite's. They would always be darting about my room :) but they had to have someone to save and someone to fight so my mom got me these toys:

article image

this was the " damzle in distress"

article image

and this was the evil villan.

After my game, it was time for my nap. Around three I woke up and watched my favourite T.V. shows

first was Rugrats, I loved the crazy adventures those babies got into

article image

Than for Reboot. I always loved that show!
article image

And of course, SAILOR MOON! I would always yell advice at the screen when this show came on
" Quick sailor moon! hide behind that car!"

article image

Well that was my kindergarden years , hope you had as much fun reading it as I did writing it!