They say that the violence is bad for him, but that's just a lot of hogwash the talking heads on television fed them

The TMNT that most people know or grew up with, however, are not the Ninja Turtles they started out to be.

Originally published in 1984, it was a low budget black and white comic. The first comic only had 3,000 copies printed and it is a valuable collector's item.

The first run series of the comic was never intended for children at all. It wasn't until Eastman and Laird talked to toy makers Playmates that they discovered the children's market. From this stemmed the cheesy 90's cartoon series and the related movies. The first movie was closer to the comics, but parent's complained of the weapons. If you watch the second and third, you will notice the weapons are rarely used if at all.

The cartoon series was attacked by parent's because of the giant merchandising monster TMNT had become. There was a Ninja Turtle on everything from cereal to toothpaste. The cartoons were called "30 minute commercials" by parents buying loads of TMNT items for their impressionable youths.

In the United Kingdom, a controversy arose that most Americans were not aware of. The Ninja Turtles were deemed Hero Turtles due to the word "ninja" having such violent connotations.

Below are some pics that show the original turtles. Unless you've read the comic, you would have no idea how violent they were at the beginning.