Cartoon Network was well known in the early 90's for showing all the Looney Toons and Hanna-Barbera

cartoon's,then in the late 90's they were still Cartoon Network when they showed "Dexter's Laboratory", "Johnny Bravo", "Sheep in the Big City","Ed,Edd N' Eddy", and "Cow and Chicken", among other shows.

It was a great channel until one day in 2004 it went downhill, when they moved Toonami to Saturday Night and replaced it weekdays with Miguzi, months later they showed a preview for "Foster's Home for
Imaginary Friends,

It doesn't end, oh no, it gets much worse, they brought us "Hi-Hi Puffy AmiYumi", "Atomic Betty", Juniper Lee, and "My Gym Partner's a Monkey", to make matters worse a few months prior to that they took Boomerang off the air.

Another cartoon that helped make it more sucky is "Class of 3000", what were they thinking, letting a dirty rap guy do his own cartoon, yeah that's a good idea NOT! I mean while they're at it, why not let Eminem do his own daytime cartoon!

In conclusion, maybe Cartoon Network hasn't died completely. Is there hope for this now defunctioning channel? We may never know the answer.