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Who didn't own one of these? Check out my collection of games!

Who could forget RC PROAM, or Zelda? Don't forget early classics like T&C surf and Deadly Towers!
Megaman anyone?

If you owned one of these, and you played 'combat' then you are at least 33, lived in miami beach or hialeah, went to the omni mall to hang out, and loved Transformers!

Favorites included pitfall, river raid, combat, and jungle hunt!!!

I never owned an Atari 800xl pc growing up, but that's what we used in miami springs middle school. I learned to do much on this thing. My games are not listed that I own for floppy disks, but ninja is great (a rip off of karateka) The cartridges below include classics like pitfall for the 800xl, and centipede. the games are the small ones next to the 2600 games.

And here is a pic of the Atari floppy drive (below the tandy cassette)

Speaking of tandy, that was my main pc for a long time. I owned a texas instruments TI994/a before that, but this one is the one i learned to do math and read on. I have the floppy drive and cassette tape, so after throwing it down i can save my progress.

Games included Pooyan, Raaka-tu, a parser based game, DUNGEONS OF DAGGORATH, greatest game that came out years before wolfenstein or doom, without the evil. Also worth noting was the interbank incident, and spelunker. Some of the games are here:

Also, just because it's here, I will post my gamecube, and my xbox. The gamecube is good for things like mariokart, super mario sunshine, and donkey konga, just to relive the nes experience. The xbox is great if you like real action games.

and the xbox

and the games

And finally, this is where it all happens. Love playing super mario bros on a 37in lcdtv.... sure you can download roms of these games, but nothing compares to having the joystick in your hand!!!!

See my articles entitled 'g.i. joe toys' 'star wars toys' and 'galaxy high'

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