Hello Retro Junkies, I must say it’s an honour to be submitting an article to your Website, now on with the Show, or should I say, Article, Mm, yes, haha.

The early 90s were a simpler time, our cartoons didn’t have any 3-D effects or repetitive storylines and my Sega Genesis was always hooked up to my old TV, ready to play, all was well. As a kid most of my days were spent watching Cartoons or Playing my Sega, I remember just Sitting in front of the TV and playing some crazy obscure games my Sister bought that no one ever heard of. I guess that’s what my article is about, the games I played that no one else I knew had.

Probably my first Sega game I played wasn’t Sonic the Hedgehog or Streets or Rage, but Fantasia.
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It was a Platformer, and a hard one at that, you played as Mickey as you went from stage to stage dodging enemies and occasionally shooting little magic bolts. The reason it was hard was because you could only use about 3 of this little Magic attacks per stage or something like that, but I played it all the time and I still cant get past the second stage.

Another game I played was Phantom 2040
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Now this game was interesting, you played as this Phantom Superhero guy (I think he was on TV or something, at the time we didn’t have many Channels so I never watched the show if there even was one) and it was kinda like Metroid, you were in this big open world, but instead of finding new items to get past areas you couldn’t get across, you would just select another area on this big Overworld map and find hidden paths to get around it. It was a pretty dark and depressing game so I never really got into it.

And probably my Favourite game of all time:
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Yup, that’s right, Power Rangers. Probably every 7-year-old kids favourite show at the time. The game was very similar to Streets of Rage and other Beat-em-Ups like that, but this one had its own charm, not only could you choose from 6 Characters (Opposed to the standard 3) with their own different special attacks, but every couple stages you would fight these crazy giant monsters in you Megazords. I still play it and I’m not one bit embarrassed by the license.

Well, there you go, I guess its not a large article, but god these games were fun. Of course, around the N64 era I started playing other games, Sonic, Primal Rage, all the popular stuff now that they were a lot less expensive.