We always loved cheering for the hero. Watching as he or she overcame evil. It was always such a clear line between good and bad. Then something happened. A sultry voice, a curve in the right place, and a temptation that would challenge the greatest hero. That's right! They threw you a curve ball, and it hit you right between the eyes. These bad girls were evil for sure, but you always wondered if turning to the darkside was a bad thing. To rekindle those thoughts of going bad, Mr. Gone presents:

Cartoon Love (The Bad Kind)

The Top Ten Hottest Cartoon Villainesses

10) Chilla- Thundercats

Is it me or did it just get a little colder on Third Earth. Well it’s not you or me, it’s the ice cold hottie Chilla. Whether she’s hanging out with her monsterous buddies the Lunatacs, or putting the hurt on Lion-O and his crew, this little snowflake keeps her cool. If the situation get’s too heavy, she can kick on the heat and fry you with a blast from her hands. This is one treatment of Icy/Hot that’ll leave you aching.

9) Thunderblast- Transformers: Cybertron

Thunderblast is a bit of a rarity. The Transformers are a hearty bunch of romping stomping robots with a dream of peace and a zest for war. This isn’t usually the place to find a pretty lady. Well, this little fembot is no lady. She’s ready to scratch or stab the nearest back, depending on which back looks like it’s going to win. Using the Autobots sense of honor against them, she hides behind her looks until the perfect time to strike. A pretty face can hide, among other things, a four barreled missile launcher.

8) Madam O- Bionic Six

Most wouldn’t consider a Lyre as a thing to be feared, but in the hands of the deadly Madam O, it is just that. She’s a little stuck up and a little self important, but when stuff needs blowing up, she’s the vixen for the job. Hiding her face behind a mask to keep it from harm, you never know what she’s thinking. Scarab knows how to pick ‘em!

7) Demona- Gargoyles

She’s 7 feet tall, she’s covered in thick skin, she has a brow ridge that would make a caveman cry, and she want to kill you and everyone like you. You’re in love, I know. Demona wasn’t always rotten to the core, but watching all of your loved ones slaughtered in front of you can add and edge to anyone. Just make sure you catch her when the sun is out, her human form is more your speed.

6) Wuya- Xaiaolin Showdown

Not into creepy ethereal squid looking chicks? Good News! She’s got a human form now. For being hundreds of years old, this witch has aged well. She’s powerful and outspoken and a redhead! Considering the kind of company she keeps, you might be able to impress her with your intellect! Or maybe at least steal enough Shen Gong Wu to earn you a date.

5) Livewire- Superman TAS

(Insert electric personality joke here). Disc jockey turned professional Superman hater Livewire is one hundred watts of evil. From her start in Metropolis, she’s blamed all of her problems on the Big Blue Boy Scout. Voiced by the super sexy Lori Petty, this little lightning bolt has hot written all over her. Just make sure you’re not grounded when you hold hands.

4) Evil Lyn- He-Man

She’s a little jaundiced, a little creepy, and a lot powerful. This Master of the Universe is a bit of a nail biter. She hangs out with a talking skeleton and a bunch of other freaks. If goth chicks are your thing, you’ve hit the jack pot. She has caused more havoc than the black plague and wears that fact like a badge on her sleeve. You just have to wonder, are her and Skeletor “more than friends”? Icky.

3) Sedusa- The Powerpuff Girls

This overtly erotic super villainess caught us all by surprise when she showed up for the first time on The Powerpuff Girls. She knows exactly what buttons to push to get guys to do just what she wants. If that fails, her prehensile hair can take care of the rest. Done up like a dominatrix and a fresh batch of hair gel in place, she’ll be ready to take you out on the town, whether you want to go or not.

2) The Baroness- G.I. Joe

Leather, guns, and glasses. Destro can sure pick ‘em. This hyper smart right hand lady is the thing of G.I. Joe’s nightmares (and more than a few dreams I’m sure). She goes where the action is and follows Destro like a fridge magnet. She’s not above a little backstabbing so all you have to do is prove you’ve got a bigger brain than her chrome domed lover boy and you’re in. Either that or just overthrow Cobra Commander (I have a feeling the latter is much easier).

1) Harley Quinn- Batman TAS

Harley Quinzel, mild mannered psychologist at Arkham Asylum. At least until the Joker got his twisted hooks into her mind. Now as the bubbly and perpetually jovial Harley Quinn, she help her beloved Mr. J carry out his sinister jokes on Gotham City. Quick with a giant hammer or boxing glove gun, she has saved the Joker’s skin on more than one occasion (although he seldom returns the favor). Hang out with this blond to long and you risk getting your teeth knocked out, and not just by Batman.


There you have it, the top ten naughty hotties!

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Until next time Mr. Gone says:

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