I never met my dear old Grand Father. But his memory did live on in lots of stories, memories and tears. One of the most interesting stories I've heard was not one of my Grandpa but one told to my dad by one of his friends. This is a funny and kind of creepy tail. One that can leave you feeling shocked, amused and very much intrigued. So lets listen to this old story. One that my dad has told me and my family since we were little tots.

Like my Grandpa his friend I will speak of was in was in the ww2. Tragically this man was injured but luckily he survived. But his family and friends did get the shock of there life time as a terrible mistake was made. The army mistakenly told his poor family that he was dead when he was really healing in the hospital! As you can see they were all in for the shock of there life times when he came back home!

He returned to find no one in his house, no one he knew anywhere, it seemed as if they had all had disappeared! Bewildered he went to the Neiborhood church as he thought they must all be doing something there. As in the old days the church was a much larger part of people's lives and they were there a lot. He walked in to see something you never should see with your own eyes. Something horrible. He had walked into his own funeral! His mother was in such shock, she collapsed to the floor at the sight of him. But every one was very relieved when they realized the mistake. A little shaken but of coarse extremely happy!

My dad loved this story as a kid and told me it when I was very little. I still can't imagine the shock that poor family went through but my dad said that the man just laughed as he told it. It just goes to show you that anything can be laughed at, even the most painful strange memories in retrospect. ( especially if they are as interesting as that one!) Thanks for reading!