Hello, Users. Today I am going to do a short review on the Sonic game, "Sonic Spinball". A Sonic game that used to be one of my personal favorites when growing up.

Sonic Spinball (Released: November 15, 1993)

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This was a very fun game for me when I was growing up. Though I only played it for a few short weeks (from what I remember) as my older brother had it on a CD that had a collection of games in it including this one. So my first real experience with this game on a console wasn't until I got it at a Video Game Trade-In place in 2010. This game was very addictive, it had a catchy soundtrack; and overall it was a great game. It was the first Sonic spin-off game to be released and met with mixed reviews, though it still managed to sell pretty well. The game did have choppy frame rate which made it extremely difficult to play on a few occasions, though this didn't stop me from wanting to rekindle my childhood and play it again on a real SEGA Genesis. It was almost impossible for a few of us to even continue playing the game after level one; though what would we expect from a Sonic game? They make the first level very easy with the catchiest background music as well then make the rest of them impossible with an average background tune that isn't as catchy; that's just the way Sonic games used to work. Though I favored Toxic Caves' soundtrack more than any of the other levels as it was so catchy that I managed to successfully learn it on the piano.

Anyway that about wraps up my review on Sonic Spinball. I would not recommend that you get this game if you like the fast-paced Sonic games, though if you are in the mood for a mellow, fun gaming experience accompanied by a good soundtrack then I would highly recommend it. This game would also make an excellent edition to your SEGA Genesis game collection.