SegaFanatic is back again! This time, we're going to look into the console, the Gameboy. Once again, like last time, this is not a history of the thing. Just my personal recollection of the system.

Now, my furthest memory of the system is the Gameboy Color. My best friend had one, and I thought it was the best thing ever. I always wanted one, since he had Mario and Pokemon, which I thought were really cool, even though I hadn't played either one. Thankfully, I got lucky with the next best thing, the Gameboy Advance.
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I never had one for a while. My brother and sister did, my friends did, but I didn't. I just played my brother's games over and over and over and over and yeah you get the joke. So, with no Gameboy, what was I supposed to do? Sit there and play with rocks? Well, on my 6th birthday, I was given a Gameboy Advance SP! Hooray!
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I remember getting Sonic Advance for it, which was the first video game I beat with no help. I thought is was so hard. I sucked at video games at the time. Then, one day, when my friend got a connection cable and then...ME AND MY FRIEND LINKED GAME BOY ADVANCES AND PLAYED INTENSE MATCHES OF SONIC BATTLE! Uh...yeah. Memories of that were so fun-filled. But, I still never had played Mario or Pokemon. Until one day, when my cousins gave me Super Mario Advance 2, or Mario World, my first and favorite Mario game, but that's all for another article. I loved the Gameboy Advance.
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I bought tons of games for the system. This is where I began becoming a geek. I had way too much games for the system. Of course, I was an idiot, and then I just sold most of them to Gamestop. Idiot.

I still haven't played Pokemon, until, oddly enough, this year. My old pal gave me Pokemon Emerald, and I love it. It has problems, but it's my first, so oh well. My friend gave me Pokemon Gold, and now I am a fan of Pokemon. Took about 9 years.

Sorry about this being short. Didn't want to bore you with too many details. Still hope it'll be enjoyable. Please stay tuned for next Saturday for another "Nostalgia for Me". See you later.