Ahh, Fisherman's Bait. This game had been at my Putt-Putt (the real thing).
This game is lost and has been gone from most arcades. You can get the console version online and the arcade version from eBay, but this game is long gone. I loved playing this game, my mom remembers me getting addicted to it at Putt-Putt, and how that I had to ask mom for more tokens to play this game. Before Chuck E. Cheese's opened once again opened a location in my area, I played mostly video games at the arcade. This game was so good, I rented it on my Playstation. Now this is no ordinary Bass fishing game sponsored by a hunting or fishing store like Bass Pro Shops, or a fishing league. This game is nearly a classic, because it said on the cover/booklet of the PSone version something about being a coin-op hit.


You would hear the opening spirtual like theme. Then you would go to the menu and pick Tournament or two-player mode. Then shown here you would select the lure.

Then you would sort-of randomly pick the lengnth of the cast. If you got a fish you can see the fish in danger wating to be caught.


But if the tension got dark-red then the line breaks and/or you lose the fish.

You would either get a Largemouth Bass or the wrong and not game fish. It measures the weight of your fish instantly, makes you want to "lure" away from real fishing.

When time runs out, you would countine if you insert more coins at the arcade or if you pressed Start on your Playstation.

The greatest games don't need extreme violence. Fishing is an old-time sport, and there is a limit to fishing. Also, fun games like Simpsons Bowling and Namco classics like Pac-Man prove arcades don't need fake guns or fighting. They just need a good memory. And good, laid-back music.