Back in the late 1990's, made its United State debut on the Nintendo Gameboy, and with all the rage back then I decided to make an article for my top 10 favorite generation 1 Pokemon.
Here we go.

#10: Machop

Perhaps one of the most weird Pokemon in the world, Machop has a "rock solid" personality. So, with that said it could lift a rock and then crush a building and kill everyone inside.

#9: Gengar

You can't think Pokemon without Gengar because it's a dual type poison/ghost. Plus it knows "Night Shade" and let's face it, Night Shade is a really cool move.

#8: Raichu

The evolved form of Pikachu, Raichu has much more electricity in its personality because of its intense concentration in battle.
So beware of Raichu.

#7: Pinsir

Perhaps a step too far from a good Pokemon, Pinsir really has its advantages, especially when it learns the move guillotine which can literally kill a Pokemon in less than 2.5 seconds.


Another cool example of a well designed Pokemon, Onix is just more cruel than any other Pokemon, with its snake-like appearance and rock body, You better be prepared to face one of the largest Pokemon ever.

#5: Charizard

The final form of Charmander, Charizard has been a fan favorite for many years but it can't be well remembered as Pikachu.

#4: Machoke

Machop's evolved form can be considered as a more muscular Pokemon than any other fighting type Pokemon except for Machamp.

#3: Gastly

This Pokemon has the most gas pun intended, but that doesn't stop it from being a Pokemon worth referencing on Halloween.


is a really epic Pokemon because it's another dual type Pokemon but it can get killed by Pikachu.


The face of Pokemon as we know it, Pikachu it still popular even 13 years after Pokemon made it United States debut. Pikachu was so popular that it was made into a Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloon twice.