Hi this is my first article on rj. It'll be short and have no pics I'm sorry for that.

Pro wrestling has severely changed over the past 10 years hasn't it? That change has almost put it on life support.

To fully understand let's take you to April 2001 WCW and ECW had closed their doors and the WWF had taken 100 percent of the market. Out of the ashes would rise 2 new promotions TNA and ROH both trying to fill the WCW and ECW void. TNA offered high flying fast paced action while ROH offered technical wrestling both offereing an alternative to the WWF. The two companies wouldn't gain ground until a few years in the future. Now let's take you to 2007 WWE was still the top dog but TNA was starting to gain ground mainly with the signing of sting and Christian and ROH was still looking for a break. The Benoit tragedy shook the wrestling world an ended the WWE's ruthless aggression era and started the PG era. Fast foward 3 years and TNA signed more well known talent like hulk hogan and Eric bischoff. They also alienated home grown talent for ex WWERs and went more traditional. Because of this TNA put the belt on Jeff Hardy thinking he could carry the company but controversy ensued at victory road 11 as a drunk hardy tried to wrestle and his main event match lasted 30 seconds.

And now we get to today. Creativly wrestling isn't as intresting the feuds are stale and storylines repeative. But were on the verge of a another competitor to the WWE. Will it TNA or ROH??? Only time will tell... But remember compition creates creativity and creativty creates intrest and intrest creates cash.