Ever since I first saw "Casper" in 1995 I fell head over heals with Stretch. Unlike Stinkie, Fatso, and of course Casper Stretch had a three dimensional personality. He was sarcastic, crafty, had a unique shaped face, violet eyes, and was smart. I enjoyed the sword fight he had with Dr. Harvey(who could forget the "Marky Mark" remark), when he shouted to Casper "Give me MY MEALLLL!!", when he and Kat argued at the breakfast table, him going gaga over Amelia's picture and admitting he had actually seen her, when he felt sorry for Dr. Harvey and decided to take him out for a drink, when he decided to put Dr. Harvey out of his misery, and when he saved Kat's party by scaring Vic and Amber out of Whipstaff.

I also liked the later direct-to-video sequels. I loved all his parts in "Casper: A Spirited Beginning". When he scares the protesters at Applegate(he also moons a girl who tries to hit him with her picket sign), him destroying a guy's car with a bulldozer, him giving a guy a mega wedgie, him saying to Chris "Who asked you *nosy*?" and SCREAMING at him, when he says to Casper "That boo stuff wouldn't even give a fleshie goosebumps" while geese run up and down his arm, him whacking Fatso over the head with a stick of dynamite, and last but not least giving those bullies each a mega wedgie.

On to "Casper Meets Wendy". I must warn you Stretch acts a tad raunchy in this film despite the fact that it's rated PG. I love it at the beginning when he says to that girl "Isn't it time for a daily STRETCH?!" and stretches his neck around her head, when he, Stinkie, Fatso, and Casper are approaching Sunny Brite Hotel and he says suggestively "Ahh. I feel my ectoplasm relaxing already", when he says "Wake up and smell the coffin! Witches are fleshies with POWER! Now go and unpack the stuff WASHCLOTH!", when he's relaxing against the wall and says "Ahh this is the afterlife", when he possesses Michael James McDonald from "Mad TV", when he pinches the women's butts at the party and one of them slaps him, when he sees Gert for the first time and suggestively says "Maybe it's just this body, but those chicks look *extra* crispy"(not to mention the way he's looking at Wendy's aunts when he says this), when he splashes drinks on his face and says "Drinks are on me!" Then asks the joke "When did the pigeon say to the statue?" Everyone in unison asks "What?!" And he replies by saying "Pardon me but do you have any *gray* poop on you?" When he's back in his hotel room and says "Vacation's over boys. If we wanna win back our self respect we gotta scare those witches outta here" and SLAMS his brush into his hand where it turns red, when he scares Wendy and her aunts only to have Wendy cover him in plaster, and when he ends up saving Wendy, her aunts, and Casper from Desmond Spellman and The Mystic Abyss.

On to "Casper's Haunted Christmas". I like the opening scene with the couple in the car at the drive in, who accidentally kiss him on both cheeks and he replied "P-lease! It's our first date! I'm not that kind of ghoul!" Then the couple drive off and he calls after them "Call me!! The name's Stretch!! I'm in the book!!" while holding up a book entitled "Book Of The Dead"(made me think of The Book Of The Dead from "The Mummy" and "The Mummy Returns".)When Kibosh is summoned and Fatso stupidly asks "Kibosh? The Mean-Spirited King Of Ghosts?" and Stretch sarcastically replies "No!! Kibosh The Country Western Singer!!" The scene at the dinner table after he's pigged out on Christmas dinner and asks "So what's with all the trees? You guys got a dog with a lazy bladder or something?" When he's training Spooky to sound like Casper and has a look on his face that says "Put some feeling into it!!" When he notices the Christmas lights from the fake Kibosh and angrily shouts "Christmas lights?!!" When the real Kibosh shows up and he thinks it's the fake one and says something like "We just wanna make sure you don't hurt yourself from that big nasty fall". And Kibosh asks "What big nasty fall?"(can't remember what it was though), when he admits to Spooky he lied to him about joining The Ghostly Trio and tells him "Come back when you can scare a kitten!" When he whacks himself over the head with a mallet, and the end credits when he's in the studio saying his line "Is that the end of the food?" and sometimes tells him it's lunch time and he sings "Lunch time! My favorite time! My favorite time of day!"

Now about "Casper's Scare School". I barely remember that movie 'cause I only saw it twice and hated it. It's the worst Casper film ever made. It's hollow and one dimensional. It completely lacks the humor, magic, and charm of the previous Casper films. In this Stretch is simply NOT Stretch! At least not the Stretch I know and love. I consider "Scare School" to be the "Batman And Robin" of the Casper movies.

Currently I have a crush on Stretch. When I was growing up I just liked him. Now I love him! Last night I dreamed I met his voice actor Joe Nipote. I've also read fanfics of him and discovered a side to him I didn't know existed as a kid. That side is him portrayed as a broken spirit with a dark past. I believe fanfics show the REAL Stretch. That he's more that just some goofball. That he's an angry bitter ghost living in pain and sorrow everyday of his afterlife, and hides it with childish behavior. Episodes of "The Spooktacular New Adventures Of Casper" entitled "Dead Of The Class" and "Intensive Scare" focus on his angsty side where he's portrayed as the underdog instead of the jerk or the joker. The ending of "Three Ghosts And A Baby" also shows his angsty side where he loses baby Casper, and cries SO hard the entire manor shakes.

I have pictures of him which I printed off the internet pinned to my walls, four portfolios of drawings of him, and stories of him written on paper, and typed on Microsoft Word. Yep I'm a Stretch fanatic. Hence my username. I am happy to know there are many other Stretch fans on the internet that love him as much as I do. Well that about wraps up this article. I hope you all like it.

P.S.: Sorry I don't have any pictures to show.