They say the only true way to immortality is through your children. To pass on the hopes and dreams, wishes and regrets of your own life through the upbrining of a smaller somewhat more energetic version of yourself. I recently found out this was true.

Thanks to Netflix and the barrage of online streaming video sites, I have managed without great cost to recreate my late grade school/middle school t.v. viewing schedule. Thanks to clearance sales at Target and the timing of certain 25th anniversaries recently past, I have managed to begin rebuilding the collection of toys I had in that same time. Yes, I am a 35 year old father and if I didn't play with toys I would probably forcefully evict the few remaining hairs on my head which stubbornly refuse to join their fallen bretheren.

Anyway my 7 year old son is the ultimate benefieciary of my 30's journey into the Wayback Machine. Following is a short list of the toys/music/t.v. shows that he is now obsessed with thanks to me.....

-G.I. Joe. In all of it's forms. I even took him to see Rise of Cobra.
-Transformers. I guess the rebirth of the franchise through the movies would have done it eventually, but his 25th Anniversary repro Optimus Prime set the standard right away.
-Cheesey 80's Inspiration Rock. By this I mean songs like Don't Stop Believing, Dare and The Touch by Stan Bush and the ever terrible Worst Great Song Ever-The Final Countdown.
-Classic Wrestling. We're not talking Attitude Era here we are talking about Hulk Hogan, Roddy Piper, Andre the Giant. We're talking Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, Harley Race here.

Before I go any further I'm certain some of you are right in the boat with me while others have a sincere wish that said boat would capsize and leave me and my spawn stranded upon the same island that held the Skipper and the rest captive for so long. I'm fine with that so long as I have my Swiss Army Knife. Which leads me to....

-Macgyver. I don't think I need a reason to pass this one on.
Perhaps I should have slowed the roll on my childs' 80's education when he saw a picture of a guy with a mullet and asked to have his hair cut that way. His mother certainly did not approve but hey, If it happens by accident, who's to say?

-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
-Super Mario Brothers. He is still dissapointed that we couldn't get a copy of Super Mario All Stars 25th for the Wii.
-Indiana Jones
-Star Wars. My wife, though not a fan of Lucasverse knew before we concieved that there was a Wampa's chance on Tatooine that a son wouldn't be exposed by force to the Force.

My son loves these things as much as I did then. And I would be lying if I didn't say it is a ton of fun to play along with him and show him the good old days online. The strangest thought about all of this is this....If my son is reliveing my childhood, who's childhood will his first son relieve? Mine?.....again? Three generations of males living the same childhood? Talk about immortality.