First off, I'd personally like to welcome you to my first article on!!!
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Now that I've greeted you, let's get down to business.
I believe most of us will agree that the new Karate Kid was a complete waste of time, mostly from the fact that it had NOTHING to do with karate or the original movie.
So, I'd like to share my thought's on The Karate Kid.
Alright, here's the basic plot of the movie: Young Daniel LaRusso and his mom move from New Jersey
to California because of her new job there. Daniel meets a girl named Alli but there's just one problem, her ex boyfriend Johnny is a complete asshole, who with his friends beat the shit out of Daniel whenever they can. one night they almost even kill him when Mr. Miyagi, the repairman from Daniel's apartment building saves him and decides to teach him karate so he can defeat the bullies in the upcoming karate tournament to gain their respect.
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Now with my basic reaction to the film:

I personally like this movie a lot, my avatar here on the site is Daniel doing the crane kick, but here's some stuff i didn't like: some parts are too cheesy, especially the beach scene and the date scene, mostly due to the cheesy music by the beach boys on the beach scene and that bad pop song during the date. Other than that I generally don't have a problem with the film.
I recommend it and if you haven't seen it then why are you reading this? GO WATCH IT!!!
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Next time on great 80's flicks we'll look at a horror classic: Nightmare on Elm Street.
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