Welcome everybody to my top 10 Mortal Kombat characters! Now,keep in mind this is my opinion,so if you don't like it...it doesn't matter!
So here we go!

10.Liu Kang
yes....Liu Kang...his kicking attacks were awsome....even when I played the game it looked like some of those must have really hurt the opponent.Also,he was one of the main characters in the games and movies.

9.Kung Lao
This guy's hat was amazing as a weapon.It was razor sharp and,who ever thought you could pull off having a hat as a weapon until playing MK 2? And when he won friendship,I remember him doing this funny dance,and like throwing his hat as a frisbee and a dog would return it to him!

He was always an "unusual" character for me. I don't know what it was but he was just weird.he looked weird too...But he did have good attacks on the other hand.I liked the waepond he had too!

when i was younger,I'm not going to lie here,but i couldn't really tell if sheeva was a boy or girl...her bulging muscles,four arms,and huge figure,made her a big threat.Though because of her size,i guess she was pretty slow and not really a character i would choose in play.But i gotta admit she was pretty good!

I didn't think Nightwolf was one of the best characters. But I did think his name was cool!! A wolf is my favorite animal,so i loved his name! :) his animality was the best ever because he actually turned into a wolf! XD I also liked how if he won freindship he turned into Raiden sometimes. I think this happened with other characters too,but i particularly with him.

This guy seriously scared the crap outta me when I saw him in battle.His teeth,the blades on his arms...just too creepy. He was pretty bad ass though! The blades on his arms did help out his attacks alot!

This guy had some pretty good attacks.And maybe it had something to do with the fact that he had steel arms! But I did like many of his attacks and his fatality of course! :)

My favorite attack done by reptile is when he pulls his mask down and spits acid at the opponent. So awsome!!
but he also looked pretty cool and I was always a fan of the masked mutated guys.(reptile,scorpion,sub zero)

I loved using this guy,espesially in MK:Trilogy which I had for N64. Somethimes I would use Sektor and my brother would use Cytrax and we would use nearly the same moves on each other,lol. But he did have some good attacks,and well,at least he looked pretty cool!

My favorite MK character of all time!!Also known as Noob Saibot. I don't know what it was, but I just loved this guy! He was awsome! He had ice powers and as I mentioned,I was a fan of the masked guys in MK! But blue was also my favorite color and I liked his attacks as well and how his fatality was when he punched the opponent up,and made a sharp piece of ice appear and the opponent landed on it. So my point here is...
Sub-Zero wins...FATALITY!!