Okay so techincally this game came out recently BUT it's style and game play is so retro and classic it deserves to be on retrojunk for some nostalgic fun.

On the surface Super Meat Boy is a classic 2D side scoller but once you open the hood it's that and so much more.

The story is the classic girlfriend gets kidnapped by a fetus in a jar and it's up to you a meat blob to save your bandaid girlfriend. You know the ususal formula.

The gameplay is what makes this game shine you must get from one end of the level to the other believe me it's easier said than done. This game is HARD I mean VERY HARD just like the classics it's unforgiving. The controls are simple the classic jump and run.

In some levels you'll find these wrap zones and if you beat these zones you unlock iconic payable characters like video commandor. I think this great feature for retro fans.

Dark worlds are burtal,once you beat a world you unlock a Dark verison of that world but to play the Dark world levels you'll have to earn an A+ on that level in the Original world. The Dark worlds have more pits, saws, and things that want to kill you.

Another cool feature is the replay feature which basically when you beat a level it will show a replay of all your attempts in tryin to beat the level. It's really cool see a bunch of meat boys go all at once.

Bottom line this a great game for the Retro game lovers out there who want to go back to a time when video games were simple, fun, and fucking hard. This game is platforming at it's finest.